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                        We offer what we feel players and parents are looking for…  
High standards of teaching 
A skills and fun based, approach 
A professionally structured course outline
High standards of behaviour exhibited by adults and players
A recognisable philosophy, with continual reinforcement through strong leadership
To develop  personal, social and technical skills through fun

Players to continue playing into their teenage years. Most children will not put up with football that is not enjoyable. 
Pressure and lack of fun are the 2 main reasons for fallout amongst junior footballers.
More playing time and contact with the ball, ordinarily we work with one ball per player
A continuity of both provision and approach. We will have been continually cascading our experience down through all the age groups for 20 plus years. 
No one age group is treated as a separate entity.
Players are not thrown together through geography but rather through approach. Soccer school parents clearly believe in and support our philosophy. 
Affordability. Our fees represent exceptionally good value for money. They compare most favourably with fees that I have paid for my children’s activities
Manageable arrangements for families re; other siblings, different age groups, travel and shared lifts. A harmonious atmosphere. Children visibly flourish. 

We feel that parents and players also want to avoid…..

A win at all costs mentality. Excessive competition, before skills and personality are ready, as well as the problems associated with being continually dropped or consistently kept on the touchline 

We aim to develop players that have well developed human capital and a strong enough skills base to cope with the twin impostors of triumph and disaster.
We want our charges to be playing during teenage years, not scuffing around because of lost enthusiasm. 

                  Cheers Richard     01934-876544

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